Explaination of cryptic surgery news discussion

OK this week has been a roller coaster ride for Katrina and I. I have been running, running and running and it is lowly catching up with me. Anyhow went to Dr. Bejjanii today and we are scheduling the decompression surgery when I see him in June. He has major concerns about my syrnix. He thinks it might have progressed since the fusion surgery. He also did not mention size today regarding the CM. He told me my symptoms are getting worse and he would like to take a wait and see approach to see if things keep deteriorating or if they level out. He continues to say you have NO flow and if I wanted the surgery we can do it. Yea, finally a chance a feeling normal or maybe resuming what I used to know as normal.

As for Katrina, we got a major piece of her puzzle after 2 ER visits. Last one being last night and returning home around 2:30 AM. Anyhow if anyone knows anything about bladder outlet obstruction or gastric outlet obstruction please let me know. THere was more info in the CT report but I can not find it to relay more, when I do I will relay it in the comments.

Thanks again for all of you love and support. If I knew how to post a song link I would post we are family, but hey ya'll already know that.

love, hugs, peace and happiness to you my friends and family.