Pains in legs and limbs falling asleep

I was wondering if anyone else experiences this. I can't sleep comfortably anymore because my arms fall asleep so often. I don't know what position to sleep in to prevent them from falling asleep. Even if I'm on my back they will start to fall asleep (which ends up waking me up).

I also get wicked pain throughout my legs. Today the pain is in the back of my thighs. I am going to see a new ns who has expertise in chiari. The original ns told me those pains had nothing to do with the chiari and told me I was born with it. I have Chiari 1 (isn't it chiari 2 you are born with?) I have a lot of questions. Right now, I'd just like to know if others have the symptoms I do.

(A list of them are as follows: Deep aching in limbs, falling asleep of limbs,I don't get too bad of headaches but they are there but I wouldn't classify them as horrible. The pain in my legs, arms and across my shoulders are the worst).

I, too would have my arms, hands, feet and legs fall asleep. This was before my surgery. One episode I woke up and could not move either arm or leg. Stayed that way for about 30-45 minutes. I was put on gabepentin for nerve pain and since I have been on it I haven't experienced that again. Thank goodness. I have been able to go from 1,600mg of gabepentin a day to 400 mg a day. It works pretty good. I sleep with two pillows under my head and a pillow between my knees and that seems to help alot.

Take care and I wish you pain free days to come.

Love and Gentle hugs,