Only Me

Hi Chiari Family,

1st off I want to welcome all the newcomers!!! I am so happy you found us. There are SO MANY great folks here that are here to support you and for me, anyway, the biggest thing is I no longer feel alone.

If anyone has a topic or have come to the right place...I have gotten some great input here.

I also want to thank you all for ALWAYS being there for me....I have had a time of it lately...Embaressed to tell ya all..YUP...I fell again....Stupid me, this time it was pure stupidity....flip flop got caught ..but i kept on walking...of course i fell on the same arm that i have fallen on may ask...why one earth would i be wearing flip flops?? well, you see, over Memorial Day w/e.....I fell and goofed up my right foot...all this time it is still a bit swollen....nothing like it was...Dx's Reflex Symathetic Dystrophy.

My injured arm in not feels so painful..which, for what i am told is part of RSD..went to dr. Monday and he said muscles, nerves, get it...the whole 9 yards are actually attached to the bone....the area looks like a burn(fire) victim survivor.

Ok, enough complaining.....So, between me, taking care of mom and the kids.....forgive me if I don't get back to you soon , add much to this great site, ect.... but God is gracious and things will settle down, I am sure....SO...bare with me, family!!!!!!!!

Love, Thanks, Prayer and Gods Blessings to You All!!!!


ohhh lori Again, well that amazing,

your gonna to have to put yourself in bubble wrap,

how are you feeling? I am sorry you fell again,


Thanks Joelene....

I am in pain but...hey..what can we do????