Haven't been around in a while..sorry

Hi Gang.....

Welcome to all you newcomers. I hope you are finding your way around the site ok...The folks here are great..if you need anything ..just ask!

I have been dealing with a lot of pain and been trying differnet meds and therapies..start PT tomorrow..next week I finally get head and C-Spine MRI's to see if there is anything going on there.

I try not to let Chiari define me...but some days it is very hard to handle..along with life issues the entire world deals with....house is a wreck b/c of broke radiator pipe ...living in a real mess....kids having their own struggles with anxiety and the pressure of over achieving at school..they certainly didn't get that from me...LOL..I was THRILLED to get a B in any subject!!!!!

Thankfully, these issues of daily life will always come and always go..I just need to learn how to deal with it better..stress makes my Chiari symptoms so much worse.

I am so sorry that I have not been on much at all...think of you all so much..you are like family to me..you know me better than most..God Bless you all.


Hi Lori and welcome back! I hope the PT helps and your MRI provides you with news as to how you are there. I too have been sporatic lately....lots of bad headaches since I started this balance therapy...not sure if I should continue it...didn't go today, just need to rest and try to get through the day. You and everyone here are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly,



We have all been struggling & know you have a lot on your plate. I really miss you, but I know when things are better you will be back with bells on. Call me if you need anything !!

Luv & Prayers,



It's always wonderful to see you pop up when ever you can. I am sorry that you have been having extra pain. It's always so disheartening and exhausting. I hope that the tests help give you some answers. Will they order a Cine? That was the key with me.

We are all here for you and love you.


I totally get you!! Trying not to let Chiari define you! I feel like the more I talk about it the more it "gets me". It's like the elephant in the room, if I don't talk about it, it doesn't exists! But we all know that this works for only so long, right???

Hang in there and I hope you find some answers! Nice to online meet you! Hopefully you can have a nice day off and relax from it all so you can give yourself and your noggin a break!

Take care of yourself the best that you can!


Welcome back and sorry to hear all of this. I know you are strong and have a great deal of inner strength that make you the great and wonderful person you are. I know you will overcome and be even stronger.

Prayers, peace, comfort, and rest be with you. As you know the challenges ahead of you.

Thank you for your prayers too, glad having you back

Hi Lori long time no c. B/C I haven’t been on here since January. I love your humor I was happy to get a 65 which was passing in our day. Anyway marlena is back in school had a great summer and now she’s a sophomore. She has honors geometry & I’m so worried but she doesn’t complain about it being hard. English is her downfall. There are so many ppl in Vegas with chiari now we are having our own walk on the 27th. I’m excited marlena could care less. She is starting to drive which makes me anxious so daddy has the task of teaching. I can give her some good NY taxi cab driving tips hopefully. Go to truehope.com they have a wonderful product for anxiety all natural. You can call them do research but I give their aminos to marlena and it calms her right down. Hope your year gets better & your pain goes away. Take care.