Hello fellow Chiarians

Well the NS confirmed, I do have Chiari I Malformation. He's sending me for MRI's and putting me on some medication. I have to go back and see him after the MRI's to see if I need surgery. He said that I have some nerve damage on my left side, but that not all people need surgery.

I'm feeling alot of mixed emotions right now. Relieved to know what's wrong with me, scared of what might become of me. I need to just stay strong and positive, no matter what. Thanks for being here, it helps to know that I'm not alone.


Welcome and glad you're here. You will have a lot of emotions as you adjust to the fact that the life you thought you had has now changed for a life to include Chiari. You are right that being alone in this situation is one of the scariest feelings to encounter. Luckily, here we understand everything you are going thru. Feel free to come to us to laugh, cry, celebrate, get angry, or whatever else you need to do. You will find tons of information, support and understanding her. You are way ahead of the game by already knowing that staying strong and positive is the best defense!

Shalunya :)

I fully understand!! I was just diagnosed as well and feel like everything is Topsy turvey. I wish you the best of luck and just like you the only thing we can do is stay positive!!