Off the wall question

Even though my NS thinks I’ve lost my mind ( isn’t that kind of what’s happening), I have an appointment for a tattoo this week. I agreed to not put it on my shoulder ( too close to the surgical site) and he said if I " have to do it" he is ok with my ankle or calf.

So my question is any suggestions?. I was going to do paw prints ( my husband is a K9 officer) with his name and both girls names. But I think I am leaning towards something like the Willow Tree faceless angels. My one daughter is a dog lover and the other is a cat lover…so I was thinking those statues…any thoughts? I really want to have these before my decompression…few understand it, but I’ll feel closer to them

I like the paw print idea the best.

I just got wings tattooed on my ankles in May because I thought I was having my surgery in July. I totally understand wanting to get ink done before the surgery. I like the paw print idea as well. :slight_smile:

I completely understand this, my father passed away 5 years ago in October from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. When my husband and I got married my mom went to his grave and asked for a sign that he was there with us the day of the wedding. She asked for him to show us a butterfly to show us that he was there. We were married outside by a gazebo, and when my husband and I kissed a butterly flew over our heads. I didn't know until after the ceremony where I saw a group of people standing and crying. Needless to say I was in tears after that, so now whenever I see butterflies, I think of my dad. In March I finally got a tattoo that is a butterfly, but for the body is a green ribbon that represents Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I do feel closer to my dad when I see it. It's on my foot. (which hurts horribly.. BTW to have done)

Whatever you do just make it meaningful for you and your family. I would like to get a small purple ribbon now to rep, chiari. With all the pain we all go through, I want it to remind me how lucky and greatful I am for all the good days that hopefully keep continuing.



Amber… I wanted butterflies, but I also believe that they are a sign from our departed loved ones ( my husband thinks I am crazy but it’s so comforting) I’m thinking I am going to bring all of my ideas to the artist and see what he comes up with. Maybe I’ll add a purple ribbon in…mind ifi steal your idea?