On the count down

Spending my last weekend before surgery trying to prep...any suggestions?

Sat down with hubby tonight to fill out my advanced directive, he wouldn't participate so I had to decide myself. I just feel better knowing that he is aware of what I want.

Well off to bed so that I can hang out with my girls tomorrow and relax.

Hey! Before my surgery I tied up loose ends and RELAAAAXED. Give yourself a facial...a mani and pedi. I painted my toes purple before my surgery. Do whatever makes you happy.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks…my nails have been purple for 2 weeks now…"…I’m actually starting to like it!


I brought jammie bottoms to the hospital..so my butt wouldn't hang out when i got up!!!! Plus it was nice to have soft jammies on..I also brought facial wipes/baby wipes..never know where those hospital face clothes have been..LOL...another thing that helped me in the hospital was this soft blanket..I actually folded it and put it over the pillow....

Thinking and praying for you!!!!



Everything is going to go smooth!! Have a positive attitude and know that a lot of people are praying for you!!! :)