Anyone have a Chiari tattoo?

Hello all!!! I’m wondering if anyone has any chiari tattoos??? I’m looking for ideas. I’d love for it to go just under my scar, maybe a zipper pull (I’m not a butterflies or hearts kinda girl, lol). I’d appreciate any feedback and/or pictures for inspiration!!!


Have you gone on pintrest I have found a bunch of good ideas I agree with you I’m not flowers and all that girlie ideas

Argh! I just sent you a long response & it disappeared! Frustrating! Hoping maybe it went to you directly because I sure don’t think I can type it all again!

I'm thinking about getting one... I've just been googling Chiari tattoos. I think I will try designing my own though... or I'll just get "Too much brain to contain" inked somewhere hahaha.

Im in process of getting a cross right under my scar thats approximately same size so goes to mid back… with a banner wrapping around right to left shoulder with stars on right behind ear trailing under and around cross and banner going down back under left arm on ribs down to my front pelvis where I have three stars going down wards that say you wish hahah. Banner says" may the wind be upon your back, the sun upon your face, and may you dance among the stars."