Odd feeling in neck (odder than usual I mean)

The last few weeks I've experienced some very odd and painful symptoms in my neck but as I had a chest pain scare it took a back seat, however that's now being treated so I thought I'd see if anybody can shine a light on my symptoms. My neck and head are always painful but this is a different sensation altogether, it feels like there's a solid lump being pushed through my neck up to behind my eye and this is always accompanied by what I can only explain as a mini blackout without passing out, like the lights are on but nobody is home, it's scary. Can anybody help me out? I'm due a scan in a few weeks but can anybody even speculate as to what the hell is happening to me? I'm sure you all know this feeling as well as I do but it just seems like one thing after another at the minute!!

I get a feeling kinda like that too, where it feels like there's some kind of bulge in my neck. I wish I knew why it feels like that sometimes. As for the blackouts, I haven't had any myself, but it's definitely something you do not want to delay getting checked out by a doctor.

When I say black out I mean that I just zone out when it happens, I stay conscious I just, I don’t know it’s hard to describe, just as another question does anybody else have an awful stabbing pain in their groin?

Oof, is this pain happening with valsalva maneuvers? Coughing, straining?

The groin pain is constant, the neck bubble pain thing happens mostly after straining! It’s all confusing!

Oof, when I cough, sneeze, stretch or strain in any way I get a sharp pain the starts at the base of my neck and shoots to the front of my head. If it’s to bad I will get really dizzy and everything goes black but I am still aware what is going on around me. I don’t know if that’s anything like what you feel. I don’t feel a bulge in my neck but I do sometimes get this odd feeling like a bubble or something is moving around. That’s what I thought of when I saw your post. Since this is new I would recommend you see your doctor ASAP to get it checked out. Not sure if this helps. Hope you feel better soon!

Jamie that sounds very similar to what this feels like the bubble/lump feeling was what worried me! Do you have any idea what it is?

Oof I wonder if the neck bubble/pass out pain is related to the classic Chiari valsalva headache.

I’ve just looked it up and I’ve been throwing up lately so would that cause it?

Oof, since I have been diagnosed with the CM I just thought it had something to do with that. I wonder if it isn’t the flow or attempted flow of CSF when pressure is added to that area. It’s a question I plan on asking my NS when I find one. I know that doesn’t help much but at least now we know we aren’t alone! I often wonder if I am just crazy! Lol

If you have been having vomiting and no of not other reason for it you need to get an MRI to check for ICP.

The vomiting is coming from the strong tablets I’m on from the costachondritis! They’re wreaking havoc on my stomach!

I would try to get that MRI bumped up and definitely call your doctor. While it does sound like the classic chiari headache I'd get checked since you are post-op and should have your csf flow restored. You might have an issue with high intercranial pressure. I'd mention the bout of costachondritis and your teeth hurting to the NS as well! Good luck!

Called the ns earlier, the scan can’t be moved forward but at least I made him aware of some issues! I think you may be spot on with the high intracranial pressure because today I felt the old familiar pulsing agonizing headache after bending over!