Obtaining Health Insurance with Chiari

Has anyone tried to obtain health insurance on their own (not through work) since being diagnosed with Chiari? I am seeking to secure health insurance on my own as I can no longer afford my COBRA insurance and was wondering how will the Chiari be received by potential health insurance companies?

Is this something we need to report as a pre existing condition? I have had the decompression surgery and my NS says I have recovered well from the surgery and I am no longer under doctor's care or on any medicines?

Should I reveal the Chiari in the application?

Any advice and prior experience trying to obtain health insurance would be most helpful.




Does the state you live in offer any type of insurance for those who have none...based on income????

You should be honest on any app concerning your Chiari...cuz , in my opinion....you don't need any surprises..like saying you were fraudulent on the application, ya know.

Good Luck and let us know how you make out.



I too think you need to reveal it to potential insurers. Because of the new affordable Care Act (some people call it Obamacare) they can't deny you insurance because of a preexisting condition. I don't know how it would affect the cost. I wish I could offer advice about the insurance. My only experience with obtaining insurance outside my employer was for my daughter when she turned 22 and could no longer be on my coverage at work. It was very expensive. I wish the new law had been in effect back then because one of the features of the new law is that kids are covered under their parent's insurance until they are 26. Usually coverage through your employer is cheaper because of the volume of people covered so good luck in getting something affordable.