NS round 3

I am off to see the 1st NS after I had my 2nd opion last week, so I guess this is my 2nd , 2nd opinion. Any suggestions on how I decide to go with? I am hear g that 1 hospital is better than the other, but I am nit sure if that is enough to make me decide.



Totally get where you are coming from. I had 2 well known NS's look at me and the MRI's....Both agreed on surgery. So, I went with the cutest doctor(KIDDING)....Seriously, I went with the NS who was instate for a few reasons...1 being my family wouldn't have to drive far to see me, but mainly I chose the instate NS b/c of follow up visits and God forbid..complications after surgery...I did not have any!! Praise God!!!!

Hope this helped some.....take care....keep us updated, ok????

Blessing and Peace,