Confused about NS

I saw my neurosurgeon on Dec 14th and he told me that he would recommend decompression surgery. I just saw my office notes from my visit and he states that I would require surgery. I am seeing my NL this Friday. He is saying that I would require Suboccipital decompression and duraplasty. Not sure what I should ask my NL. Any advice would be great.


why do doctors say one thing and write another. they confuse us don't they. i've found out the chiari can be treated medically and surgically determin on a number of things. my surgeon was op or no op and i too got a bit confused as to who was ment to make the decision at the start. :-)

if you ns has recommended surgery i would say in his opinion your symptoms are best treated with the op to help the condition. you may require an op to help like most of us here have, but i may not be need tomorrow, it just the best way they feel they can help you.

i can understand and sumpathise about how anxious you must be. don't be worried about going to the surgeons.

the things i asked were what is it that i have, i actually asked to see my scans because i didn't understand what it was, what is they op you are doing, how will it help my problem, what are the advantages and disadvantages, their thoughts on how urgent this is/isn't, there were obviously many more and you will have lots of things simmilar and different to me going throught your mind relating to feelings and possible symptoms that may be related too you diagnosis, if you have a partner or friend get them to help you think of questions. they probably have many too. no question is to silly. :-)

my husband was really helpful and came to every appointment. there are lots of resourses and things on this sight to help you prepare both before and after surgery. reed some discussions and other forams.

you will find great help here, best of luck and welcome. hope this has helped a bit. hugs