Confused need advice

So last week I saw the neurosurgeon and said he wasn’t sure if he was going to do the surgery. He Ordered three tests. A cine mri a nerve conduction study and xrays. One thing he said was he probably would just watch It if I had no damage to my spine. I had the xrays done two days ago. I was supposed to have the cine mri done yesterday but they got things mixed up and did the wrong mri so the tech told me to call the neurosurgeon today to ask about the cine mri. So I did but the receptionist said the dr wanted to need me Tuesday afternoon and I think he is canceling the other tests. Does this mean decompression can wait??

It is never a quick process with Chiari and testing and medical appointments. We tend to want answers now. It is hard to say what the neurosurgeon’s intentions are. Perhaps he saw what he needed to see on previous testing. Who knows?

May patience be yours over the week-end and you be refreshed and prepared for Tuesday’s appointment. Bring your notebook and ask for time to process and ask questions.

I have always thought that it would be good if the doctor first told you the results of testing and his plan, let you sit for half an hour to an hour with a good cup of coffee and some paper and then saw you again to answer questions. Hmmm… an ideal world… what else would I add?

Good luck in your quest for treatment and answers.

Do you have a syrinx?

I have my first appt with neurosurgeon this Thursday, any advise of things I should ask?

I could have sworn it said in my diagnosis that I did but in my mri report it didn’t say anything about it. So now I’m not sure and I wish I had advice I’m all new to this and am still really confused about it. I also haven’t been back yet as I had to reschedule my appointment because I had to work.

My nuero did this same thing in the beginning. I had just had my last baby and just got the word I had Chiari. They came to this conclusion after my symptoms got worse from my delivery, so I was not stable. He did the exact same test that you had done and said “let’s monitor it”. 2 months later my brain dropped more blew out my spinal cord and caused nerve damage down my right arm. due to a syrinx on my spinal cord. Now even after surgery I live with nerve damage and have chronic pain. I am not telling you this to scare you. Just to educate you. Ask your doctor. …“what exactly are we waiting for?” Also, if you feel that you have enough hard core symptoms and have delt with tgem long enough then ask them “why would you make me wait?” I have found writing down your questions before you go in and MAKING them answer you is the only way. It is you right as a patient and that it your body. Fight for it to be done right. I hope this helps. BEST OF LUCK

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