New and need opinions

Diagnosed Feb.2 2015 while I was there for back pain symptoms which he had already sent me for epidural shots. Since then my symptoms have increased.
That NS said he didn’t think I needed surgery. Next breath he said he hadn’t dealt with Chiari in 10 yrs. I asked for a referral.
Off to Duke where new NS said surgery will reduce my headaches and increase CSF flow. Herniated at 6.5mm. Said he was not doing surgery for relief of other symptoms but there is a chance it could help those symptoms also. I am seeing another NS next week for a second ( or 3rd opinion). I am currently leaning towards the surgery. My personal opinion is if I have the surgery now while my symptoms are bearable maybe I can avoid the debilitating side of Chiari.
I really would like alot of feedback! !!

HI, I was diagnosed 2 years ago but had symptoms longer. I am kind of in the same boat as you are. first two NS said I didn't need surgery, the third is saying that I am boarder line meaning he is leaving the surgery up to me. On everything I read sugery is the way to go but it scares me. My symptoms are somewhat bearable. I make it through the day with little to no meds but it takes a toll on my body. I go back in May to talk to NS again.


I hope you can find a NS who will walk through the options with you. If your symptoms are bearable and very limited, the risks of surgery and recover may not be worth it yet. The results can vary so widely that they are not universal. There are several people within this site that regret having the surgery because if caused more difficulties than the Chiari itself. Also the surgery generally isn't a "one and done" deal. It often provides relief for a period of time (a few years to a few decades) but will likely return at some point and need redetailed. The BEST feedback here is to search in the "General Discussions" board for "decompression" "recovery" "long term" things like that to see previous threads with a great many replies and discussions. Hope this helps! XOXO