New symptoms... could they be related to CM1?

Just curious if anyone else has experienced these symptoms with Chiari.

Within the past few weeks I have noticed my tongue has been going numb… almost like pins and needles feeling. Another really strange symptom is this creepy crawling sensation in my scalp and down my spine. It feels like a tingle or crawling sensation and if I touch it it stops but if I let go of it it comes right back. Last but not least does anyone know if heart murmurs are related to CM1? I have a heart murmur and last week while having an x-ray at the Orthopedics office, they had me bend to the side as far as I could and my heart began to race and skip beats. I also had a high pulse rate at the beginning of my appointment which they seemed only slightly concerned about.

I get short bursts of a fast heart rate and other times I can feel my heart skip a beat. I also have had chest pain but I think it was stress related.

Abby said:

I have heard of blood pressure spiking then dropping, it happened to me in the doctors office, it scared her to death. They did a EKG to make sure I was not in cardiac arrest. I get the tingle in my left arm and in my scalp too. I have not heard of heart murmurs an chiari being related, but could be, my sister will have to have a pace maker one day for the bottom of her heart does not work properly. Her daughter has a heart murmur, so you may have something there to go on. My father had heart problems and so did his mother. I do know that they are doing a genetic test in Durham, NC for two or more in a family who have Chiari. Hope you are feeling better today, Rebekah. Take care my friend, Abby


Before my decompression surgery I had the racing heart beat…out of the blue…it would last maybe 1 minute…then go back to normal…scary…My Neurosurgeon said it was a Sx of Chiari…I also had that gross feeling on my scalp…it was so hard to explain…but what you wrote is how my scalp felt…‘creepy crawling’. That is now pretty much gone since the surgery.

I never had tongue go numb…But from my own experience…medication can have some pretty strange side effects…maybe , if you are on meds , you could look into that.

God Bless,