Neurontin information

I started taking Neurontin by recommendation of my Neurologist, I am on the second week and so far I've been feeling better. My headaches have been under control, or the intensity of them has been reduced. I am going for a follow up in 2 weeks.

My Mom (who is a nurse) contacted some doctors friends (she doesn't leave here in the States), and they did not agree with this medicine, they recommended for me to take otc pain medicines.

I am not sure why, I need to get more info, but wanted to check the experience you may have with this medicine.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your input. It's early to know, as I just started taking it a week ago. But so far so good.

My husband takes 3000mg of Neurontin a day for his neuropathy and neck pain and it does help him. The only problem he has with it is if he forgets to take a dose he starts to hurt worse than his original pain was. Like Beeba said though, if it is helping you to feel better, take it! =)