Neurontin a BUST

I tried the Neurontin for the occipital neuralgia that developed post surgery. Clearly, the occipital nerve was damaged, but I have no idea to what extent. My NS office would only prescribe Neurontin (refused to prescribe any more than 2 wks worth of pain medicine after surgery) and although I knew it was a powerful brain medication and was reluctant to try it, I did.

Unfortunately for me, the side effects were not good. At 2/3 of prescribed dose, the dizziness and fatigue set in and I felt much worse than before surgery. The same day that those hit, I developed welts on my face and peeling of my facial skin...that was enough for me, so I am off of it.

10 mgs. of Vicodin (Norco) take the pain away almost miraculously with no grogginess or side effects. I am now trying to find someone who will work with me on managing this pain while, and if, the nerves heal over time.

I do not understand why a docs office will pass out Neurontin so easily, but not managed doses of vicodin (or similar) when it WORKS with no side effects. I am struggling.

My new PT was outraged that I was only prescribed 2 wks of pain meds post surgery. She said that she has patients with knee surgery who are on pain meds for 10 weeks. She faxed over an assessment to my NS which was supposed to report my reaction to Neurontin and her thoughts on a pain medicine. I hope that will help me get some help. If not, I will talk to my PCP. If that doesn't work, I will have to find a Pain doctor and the closest one is about 225 miles away.

It is an outrage. You would think i was after methamphetamines. I was called a narcotic lightweight in the hospital as they tried to find something that worked for me..haha. I clearly am NOT a junky. I just don't like to feel like the entire border of the left side of my head is on FIRE while the left center is numb.

I am tired of the pain when it could be managed so easily....

I have been dealing with Chronic Pain for 11 years. Neurontin didn't work for me. Neither did Vicodin. The best advice I can give you is either see a Pain Mgmt Specialist or your PCP. I have a great PCP & he prescribes my pain medication. I also go to a Spine Center & I have a Pain Specialist there. Occipital Neuralgia can be treated by Blocking the 2 Major Occipital Nerves. It's not what I consider incredible painful. Maybe a 2 on a 1-10 scale. My 1st one lasted for 2 years. Then your headaches can be controlled by medication. It's very difficult for both Medical Providers and Patients to control pain. There are new Federal Guidelines Dr's have to follow to prescribe certain Pain Meds. They have to take additional Classes & now there is a Database that a Dr. or Pharmacist can check before writing or filling prescriptions to make sure no one can Dr. or drug shop for pain meds. Most Dr's just won't write pain medicine prescriptions. It's very sad we have to struggle so hard for medications that make us be able to function & there are people using them for recreational use. I wish they had to survive like I have. Then they would never want to swallow another pill in their life, but wouldn't have a choice.