When desperation colors determination to get well

I just typed a long post, and it disappeared…so I am now editing the non-existant first one.

Basically, I am doing wonderful since surgery regarding my Chiari related symptoms: no more numb and tingly hands, headaches, dizziness, slurred speech, unsteadiness, or chronic fatigue. I have posted about this other issue, but as I become increasingly frustrated, scared, and at my wit’s end, I thought I would post again.

I am still dealing, 4.5 weeks post op, with the nerve issues in my scalp. They have not let up. I deal with a combination of constant pain, numbness, and electrical shocks 24/7 which cover about a quarter or third of my entire head…all the area to the left of my incision. I have NO issues to the right.

My doc has offered Neurontin, which I am only taking out of complete desperation. But, really??? a med that is known for causing fatigue and dizziness??? Didn’t I just have this surgery to combat that? It is helping a tad, but that is all. I have been met with a complete refusal to prescribe any more pain meds.

I am now trying acupuncture, with a positive outlook and hope that it will lower these sensations from a screaming 8 to even a tolerable 5.

I have been told this is all “normal.” OMG. I have yet to read about this on this board to this degree. Can anyone throw me a bone, a tid-bit, some hope, some medical advice, some alternative treatments? I really am not a cry baby…but this is just so flipping awful and consumes me constantly. I am tired of feeling like a cowboy is chasing me with his branding iron or that my head is constantly licking a 9V battery…

I look forward to your replies.

I know how frustrating this is! I too had this problem. The refusal to give pain meds is very common, especially in younger people. It seems a bit prejudicial but I have encountered this at every turn. I experience debilitating migraines and have no help (I’m allergic to Triptan’s and am on a prophylactic, so that’s suppose to be all that I need). I even had knee surgery in June and sent home with Tylenol!
It helps to know why the electrical shock pain that you are experiencing are “normal” not just that they are “normal”. Think of your nerves like power lines. Some are large like the spinal cord and can be seen, they can avoid disturbing it. Some are tinny, like the ones supplying the skin sensations, they are not seen so they do get cut during surgery. The large ones do not heal as well, if at all. The small ones do heal. However when they cut them during surgery and they are laying kind of close together they will heal but it is just like “downed” power lines. You know they spark when they there is still power to them? Our nerves literally transmitt electrical signals. So when they begin to heal back together we do get the shocks and sensations that you are feeling. I know this is frustrating and so hard to deal with, however it is really just a sign that you are getting closer to the recovery! I don’t know that pain meds would help a whole lot, this is truly nerve pain and should get better after the sheathing heals to help insulate the electrical signal run smoothly instead of escaping and "zapping"you.
I hope this helps, and this resolves quickly.

Wow, that was a great explanation Barb. I don't have much to add other than I am sorry that you are suffering from this post-op pain. Be careful with the Neurontin and watch for changes in your mood and thinking. Your own cautions about it are totally valid as well. Some Drs. use neurontin like a sawed off shot-gun ... just hoping that it will hit the problem. Sending out prayers and good energy for your healing!



Occipital Neuralgia is listed here in related conditions to Chiari. http://chiaricare.com/Related-Disorders/Other-Related-Conditions.aspx#Category_7

I looked up Homeopathy for it and came across this http://www.mdjunction.com/forums/occipital-neuralgia-discussions/medicine-treatments/3264702-heel-bhi-neuralgia-homeopathic-medication

Heel is a great Homeopathic company. Homeopathy works by prompting your body to heal it's self. The remedies are safe. Don't have any drug interactions and no side effects. They can really be a miracle when you find the right one or combination. You take them sublingually and if you have the right one you feel it's effects right away. It may be subtle at first but it should lessen the effects of the condition.

The other plus is that the remedies are inexpensive. I found out that it's available at Amazon for $11.41 (plus shipping) for 100 tablets. http://www.amazon.com/HEEL-Neuralgia-100-tablets/dp/B0006NYH3M

It may or may not work but I think there is a pretty good chance it will help if you decide to try it.

Emmaline also mentioned Arnica. That may help by rubbing it on your neck and Hypericum is for nerve pain. Hylands sells a spray. You could try either mixing a few sprays in with the Arnica Cream or spraying it directly on your neck and any other place effected by nerve pain.

Here are the links for both products.... http://www.amazon.com/Hylands-Homeopathic-Hypericum-Spray/dp/B00014HGFC/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1353126015&sr=1-1&keywords=hylands+hypericum+spray


I hope this helps. I'm excited to have found the information. I am going to repost in the Natural Healing Group.

If you have any questions or need any help let me know.