I'm post op... almost 2 months, has anyone taken Gabapentin after surgery?

I actually take it now and I haven't had the surgery. It works great for those electrical feelings, the twinges that I use to get in my arms and hands are not as bad now. It helps for Nerve related pain. It takes a while to get in your system but when it does you will suddenly notice "hey, I'm not getting shocks anymore". I hope it helps you!

~Lori D

I'm taking it too- My surgeon has referred me to a HA Specialist (I'm 10 wks post-op) and still having issues.
The specialist has me on several meds so not sure exactly what Gabapentin (AKA NUERONTIN) is supposed to accomplish.

Be careful and follow dosage closely it will make you goofy if you do like I did at first and take too much. My directions were unclear- I called my pharmacist who told me that he has also called the Doc to clarify dosage- it was unclear to him as well. I eventually emailed the Doc and got simple to understand instructions. I started with one a day and increase every 2 weeks till Im at 2 in Morning and 2 at night.

Hello I’ve been on Gabapentin for over a year now. I still have the burning but when I don’t take it the pain is unbearable. I’m 8 months post op. I’m suppose to take 900mg 3×a day but if I did that I really wouldn’t be able to work because it makes Me sleep. I always take it when I get to work twice and once when I Ger home from work because i work twelve hrs. I don’t drive after I take it for this very reason. I’m taking 900mg total a day so I can function at work and this still puts Me to sleep if I sit still too long. So becareful when you areally taking it.

Hi Gabbie, How are you feeling? I hope you are doing well. Nicole is doing good. She is still going to PT 2 times a week. She finally went back to school last week. She is tired and stiff at times but is truly doing well. We go back to Dr on March 1st. I am postitive that all will be cleared for activities. Can not believe it has ben 2 months already. Why are you taking Gabapentin? Please fill me in while... Talk to you soon. XOXO

When I first started taking it I was on 100 3x a day... it did nothing for me. then I was bumped up to 300 3x a day. My NL said I can taken up to 4 a day it I feel the need for an extra one so when that happens I take one when I wake. one with lunch another with dinner and then one right at bedtime. Like I said, it only helps nerve related pain. So if you still feel in pain discuss that with your doctor, he/she should order something else for muscle pain or headaches.

I hope you find some relief!

~Lori D

Hi All,

I was just given the pills, for the twitches I'm having. I'm iffy about taking them. I was prescribed 300mg as needed daily. I read all the side effects and that's what's getting to me. The net (evil) also said that if I stop taking them I can get seizures. Grr... I'm scared but hate the "electric shocks" i'm getting.

Nkp. I'm hanging in here. I'm so so not the best, I see the Doc on Jan 30th because he won't be there the whole month of Feb and I no longer have insurance to cover me for a visit thereafter. I'm not healing and had to stop PT. I haven't been able to go back to work and have since been laid off. They are paying for disability but it isn't enough for me to afford Cobra insurance. I'm stressed but trying to make the most of things...I'm trying to have that positive outlook... Trying to get better ASAP.

I Was put on Gabapentin pre-op for the numbness, tingling, and sharp pins and needles feelings in my arms and for me, it worked incredibly well for about a week. I was on 300mg x 3 times a day. I stopped taking it after about three weeks because I really wanted to give it a good attempt, but then stopped because it was no longer helping my nerve pain. After I had stopped taking it, I had come to realize that it was also contributing to the severe pressure I had in my head every morning when I woke. I Still had the pressure after discontinuing taking it, but it was a significantly noticeable decrease in how terrible it was.
I got sent to a neurologist while waiting for my appointment with my neurosurgeon for a nerve conduction test, and she insisted that the dose of 900mg a day was a baby dose and that’s probably why it didn’t work. She wrote ne another script for me to take 600mg x 3 a day.
Huge mistake. It made me feel terrible and I started having violent shaking episodes, so I stopped immediately. My mother called the pharmacists to ask what his opinion was, if I needed to go the ER, if it was the dosage or if it was the Prednisone (she also wrote me for a steriod, she felt it would stop the headaches? Weird in my opinion, but she wasnt a real neurologist, she was a neuromuscular…whatever you call them) or a mix of the gabapentin with the Prednisone.
He said it was the gabapentin, prednisone doesn’t have those side effects and that she should have never had me go from taking none, to taking 1800mg of gabapentin in one day.
You’re supposed to slowly increase to your desired dosage.

So, just be weary and careful with gabapegabapentin. If you start having shaking episodes as I did, call your doctor and they will probably insist you discontinue use as well.

Much luck to all!