Neurology appointment today

Neuro Report:
She does have neurological deficits in some areas but not in others. He said that the deficits he saw would correspond with the C3 level in the spine. He also could not see her optic nerve. He said that some of her headaches have the 'signs' of migraines but not all of them and some of them have to due with the cerebal something or other. I'll get a copy of his report and understand better in a couple of days. He released her to part-time school and no PE, at least until he sees her in three weeks.

Referred her out to an Ophthalmologists, ordered MRI with contrast of neck and spine, and Physical Therapy. He said that she will need at least yearly MRI's for the next several years. He seemed very surprised that she had not had any scans since surgery.

Only medication given was Amitriptyline 10 mg. He was also not happy with the amount of Tylenol she was taking and told her to stop taking it.

He acknowledged her pain and said that he is not ignoring it but also wants to add medications one at time and does not want to add narc's now. Abby agreed with his plan and had been upbeat since we left his office at 3:00 pm. She's having some pretty bad nausea but I expected it due to being up and about since 1 this afternoon.

This is how she has been spending almost every single day for the last three weeks! Hoping these couch days are behind us soon!

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I think that for Abbey the Neuro made a huge difference. For the first time she did not hear "this out of my scope of practice" or "we have to wait for (insert specialized doctor)" or "I don't prescribe narc's".

She feels like there is a plan of action and she is part of that plan rather than just sitting on the sidelines having to deal with all the symptoms with no input!