Just got back from my new neurology clinic appointment

It was very interesting. The Dr. was Brandi French. She said she used to work directly with Dr. Oro in the University Chiari clinic. I feel so fortunate to have her as my Dr.! She read my MRI's with me and explained everything. She said my brain is crowding my spinal canal and, after an exam, she told me I am experiencing a loss of sensory in my lower extrematies (sp?).

She mentioned surgery being the only option really and I said I wasn't interested at this point in it and that I wanted to treat the symptoms as best we could and see if that worked. She agree'd that she would try to treat it like a migraine for the next few months and see if she can get my pain and confusion under control. She also is testing me for a b12 deficiency to rule out the loss of sensory in my lower half as being because of that. She was VERY thorough and right from the start talked about Chiari and migraines and what she could do and she never once blanketed anything. We really liked her a lot. She was sympathetic. I have total faith that she would be able to make the right choices with me when the time comes.

But for the next few months we're aiming for treating the symptoms and running a few test, like the spinal fluid flow test, which I requested and she totally agree'd it was a good option.


Sounds like you have a 'keeper'......Happy you have a good doctor who will help you!



Thank you! I'm very relieved to have someone so experienced. She was amazing. I hope everyone is able to find someone like that! :)

Hope you're having a pain-free day!

That is great to hear!!! Good luck with the next few months.