I'm back from Dr. Oro

I spent 3 days in his office. The first 2 days was with his nurse practitioner Kimberly she was great. she went through all my records did a thorough exam, suggested some med changes and some lab work etc.

The last day I met with Dr. Oro and I really liked him. he was nothing like any of the other Doc's I have met he listened to ME first the looked at my MRI that I had done that morning. (the MRI that I brought with me was about 8 month old) and then went down the list of the the things that could be giving me problems and ruled out the things that could be giving me problems out first.

WHat he came up with is 2 possibilities:

1.Occipital Neuralgia

We are going to try some meds, A nerve block and possible and possible implanted nerve stimulator

2. Intracranial hypertension

We are Also going to try some Meds, he recommended me to lose weight (duh I knew that LOL!) of course he recommends the Paleo diet and I think I am going to try it. and possibly a lumbar shunt.

What I really liked about him is even though I am in New Orleans, and he is Colorado, he is willing to work with me and my Dr.'s. here.

All in all it was well worth the trip! I feel like I finally have some answer or at least have some direction to go in!


So glad to read that you had a positive visit..keep us posted!!!

Great news! I'm so glad you are getting some answers! Dr. Oro sounds like such a good doctor!

That is Great Kenny !!! I am so very happy you had a positive experience.


I also saw Dr. Oro just a few weeks ago and walked away with the same wonderfull feeling...yes i am not better but "we " will work on getting better have been on the diet for 2 weeks now and my headaches are so much better. Still have more testing to do and follow up with him after that, but i may not need surgery if i continue to improve. He is a great guy,

Glad your trip and appts went well! I just loved Kimberly - she is sooo thorough, knowledgable, and caring! I am glad you are now in good hands. I haven't read more of your story, but you didnt address the chiari issues? What did he say about that? Is he going to order some bloodwork to confirm the inflammation, etc? Is he sure you have a pseudotumor? I would love to hear more of your story!

That is great news. I have a scheduled appointment for Feburary. I have had so many let downs from Doctors who said that they have done houndreds of surgerys and are fimilar with Chiari. I am excited to know that Dr. Oro focuse is on the patient.

I'm so happy for you! It's such a blessing to have a Dr to stop and LISTEN to you! How can we get anywhere when they are not listening to what the problem is!

Best of luck to you as you try the new meds and work through some solutions!


I am so happy for you. I hope you find some relief soon. Keep us posted.


Thank y'all for the kind words! I did have a good experience with Dr Oro's office. Now to get the Doc's here in New Orleans on the same page is going to be a battle!

I cannot start the Diamox until I wean off the Topomax, I wont be at the correct at that point until next week. I have orders for a nerve block but I need to find out who can is supposed to do it which is going to be another fun adventure!

I keep you posted!