Need Advice

Today i did the last bit of Christmas shopping and went into the restroom, long story short i passed out and hit my head ( no cuts) Not sure how long i was out i woke up and composed my self. This is the first time its happened and ive gotten the feeling like im going to pass out quite a bit today. Has anyone else had this happen? I did drive home since i felt ok to drive and only had some pain where i hit my head plus my normal headache.

I'm planning on calling my dr tomorrow but im not driving anymore until i can figure out whats going on. Until my pcp can get my referral to the neurosurgeon.

Hi Adelyna, I'm glad you are ok. Hopefully it will prove to be nothing more than a combination of rushing around, getting hot going in/out of stores and the cold but it seems totally sensible to hold off on driving until you've been able to check in with your doctor. Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on. Kindest, Jules

since my last post its happened twice and i wasnt standing and i dont know how long i was out or anything as everyone was sleeping found my cat next to me both times i do notice i get really dizzy first then i pass out im so frustrated.

I'm quite used to the feeling of 'passing out is coming'. When it was new to me and I did not know how to react to it, I passed out. Luckily I was at home. Ever since, I recognize when it is coming and I know what to do to avoid it- take a break from whatever I'm doing, sit or lay down and drink water if it's possible. If none of those are possible, the I just focus on breathing and find a place to rest for a few minutes. For me it is caused by doing more than I have energy for, so if I'm overwhelmed, I already know the passing out is a possibility, so I try to be careful and aware of what my body is telling me and listen to it.

If this is not helpful, then your thing is different(in my opinion) and you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Spent all day trying to get ahold of my dr and sent her an email. Im so stressed out :(

Have you seen a doctor since your post on dec 6 about your symptoms getting worse?

She emailed me back and told me if it kept up to go to the er and that they finally got my cervical spine mri Approved. Today i passed out twice once against a door so i didnt hit anything. The second time i passed out from a sitting postion and did hit my head but i rested and my mom kept an eye on me (she was a nurse and the ER apparently think you have to have more then 8 in a week for it to be a point to go.) But since my PCP said the if i feel like im going to pass out or pass out more then 6 then to go to the er. So I'm waiting until after christmas to go to the er. If it keeps up then im going sat. As i dont have anyone to drive me but on the weekends

Thats crazy! I think one time is enough to get taken seriously and get help. How would a person function normally at anything by passing out 8 times a week? That is how many times they can hit their head in one week! WTF? I just cant understand that.

I hope you get good help soon! Try not to overwhelm yourself, take it easy and enjoy the holidays! I really, really wish you to get explanation about it and treatment very, very soon! Hugs.

P.S. Please keep us updated on how things are going!

Evening everyone Figure i would start this post with the good part of my day.

I got my Chiari awareness hoodie ( black and says its the flow not the size) Love it super soft and warm. I also got a funny yet amazing pillow that says Zombies love me for my Extra brains just ONE of the curses of having Chiari-Malformation. Plus i got star wars r2-d2, and r2-d4 Salt and pepper shakers along with Dr Who ones salt is the Tardis and pepper is a Dalik. ( were using the Dr who ones.) Started off ok since i only got about an hour and 1/2 of sleep. Then we headed to my grandparents house for Christmas and i got sick to my stomach so i didn't eat i actually had to lay down and missed everyone opening gifts. During this time i was sick to my stomach, dizzy, and had a horrible headache but i tried to make the best of it. Took a nap and it helped, for a little bit we played uno and i started feeling really sick again. Passed out once again and it really freaked me out i had a panic attack and we went to the ER.

Dr gave me Anitvert, phenergan, and toradol to try to help with the nausea and the dizziness, and headache Most of it worked expect the toradol. He ran a CT which came back normal. ( But i made sure everyone i say knew i had Chiari) I asked the Dr how it looked on the ct and he said he couldn't be sure but it looked as if it could be 5-6 mm now. He said he wants me to get in with a neurosurgeon or my normal Dr asap. So In September it was 2/3 mm( one side is further down) So if what he saw on the CT is true its gone from2/3 mm to 5/6 mm in 4 months. So Today was rough but got a few answers.

So calling my dr monday to see if we can speed things up. YAY for Dr's Who listen