My Second Opinion

So today I went for my second opinion....

I'm more confused now than I was 12 hours ago. The NS I saw today is, from what am told a more conservative surgeon.

He verifies that I have Chiari but isn't convinced the headaches and symptoms I have are completely due to the Chiari. He said that if I was his patient he wouldn't be offering surgery.

I get it. The symptoms for Chiari can be symptoms for many other issues so you don't want to jump the gun but now I have to determine whether I'm more comfortable with knocking back pills everyday or the possibility of having the procedure done and still having some or all the pain as it is now.

Thanks for all the support,



It is a big decision to make either way. Is this doctor willing to pursue other issues that may be causing the symptoms? If he believes they are being caused by other disorders or issue, then maybe they can be treated differently. We do have a lot of symptoms with Chiari, and it does effect every system in our bodies. Take some time, research, talk it over with your husband, vent to us.......whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable with your decision! We are here for you and have all been where you are at during one time or another.



Thanks Carla!

He believes the "migraines" may be just that, and they may be to an extent, and that the other symptoms aren't bad enough for him to suggest surgery. My tonsil is still within acceptable range for him.

Here's the thing, 24 hours ago I felt fine with the surgery, the NS and everything involved. Once I understood how I could benefit from the surgery I was ok with it but still went to the second opinion for other peoples peace of mind.

I know, what he says is just an opinion, but I would have felt better if he would have said "yes, it is in your best interest to have the surgery done". But, he didn't and now that little part in your brain that holds doubt is sneaking in.

I know I can always come here to vent :).

My husband has also been very supportive. We had to look at each other and laugh when we got into the elevator yesterday about the second opinion. He listens and will give his opinion but he knows it's my decision and doesn't try to sway me. Which is good and bad :)!


Hi Patty....

I can only imagine how your head must be spinning with 2 different NS and 2 different opinions.......Carla said it in a nutshell...

Happy to hear that you have a supportive hubby...that is great.