Muscle Relaxer

Even though I’ve been increasing my magnesium my muscle spasms are increasing. I’ve been taking Zanaflex (Tizanidine) for years, but it is very sedating. The Zanaflex eases my muscle spasms & pain, but I don't like being sleepy all the time. Skelaxin did not help me. Does anyone know of a muscle relaxer that is less sedating?

I do stretches the physical therapists taught me & I do deep breathing. I've changed pillows several times. My neck muscles and upper back muscles are extra tight.

Thanks & have a good weekend,


I checked and I'm taking Magnesium Oxide. I have been taking Vit D, but I've also been taking acid reducers. I'll buy the other type of Magnesium and will build it up like you suggested. Thanks for your advice.

Glad you found a type of exercise that eased some of your pain. Is there a way you could share these with me or do you know the name of the stretches? Thanks & again congratulations on the pain relief.

I have also taken Zanaflex for years. I take 8mg 3xs a day. I doesn't have a sedating effect on me, but everyone's body is different. I think my body has just become used to it. Have you tried Baclofen? Another one is "Norgesic" it says that is less sedating.

I hope you are able to find one that works for you!


I have taken flexoril at night for over a year now, although in the mornings it sure doesn't seem like it works any more. I have robaxin I can take during the day and it does not make me tired at all. I also have baclofen for when I get the migraines above my eyes and it doesn't make me tired either. Those are the 3 I have been on.

Good luck, I plan to talk to my doctor next week about trying something else.