Managing symptoms and avoiding triggers

It’s been a while since my last post but want to thank the members of this site for being my constant source of info, ideas and pick-me-ups. I’m happy to say I am a different person than I was a year ago. Like so many others I saw many Drs and too many tests to count and way too many various drugs. I won’t bore you with a recap of the symptoms and visits…you all know the drill…but HERE IS WHAT HAS HELPS ME… With RX of ELAVIL/Amatriptaline I am able to manage my overall pain throughout the body especially my back, shoulders,neck…and inability to sleep. SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT! It is an older antidepressant with minimal side effect for me. With BOTOX every 3 months, I have reduced migraine/neck pain episodes from 4/week to 6/month…now even less if I can avoid my many triggers. I still have wrinkles since most of the 31 shots are throughout scalp and neck :slight_smile: My breathing and swallowing has improved after endoscopy with esophagus stretch…the breathing improvement was a VERY happy surprise. Tho I do think I will need it again as food and pills are starting to “catch” again in same place in throat. My vertigo and dizziness took a year to pass…it was originally triggered by concussion. My other bothersome symptoms (electricity/vibration in brain, nerve issues, twitching, brain fog, saying wrong word, etc) has progressively gotten better. I believe that I am feeling better from my conscious effort to be WELL. I eat better (green smoothies), exercise often-but carefully-no running, no impact, only very light weights. I am VERY careful to avoid triggers or exerting myself too much. I pay the price when I feel good and think I can handle more. Something as simple as carrying a chair from car to baseball field is still too much the next day. My family has been awesome about adjusting to what I can vs shouldn’t do anymore. I still get a weird dreamy/floaty feel when I am doing everyday things…like pushing a cart in grocery store or taking dogs on a walk. I’m still super sensitive to light, loud sounds, or too much stimulation…the more I do one day, the longer it takes me to feel better the next days. Rest is really the only thing that resets me. Long car rides are hard on me especially if I’m driving so I opt out of many activities if not a priority. I miss being more active and helpful. I miss running, tennis, roller coasters, skiing, and other activities with my family, but I’m determined to get stronger, even if slowly, over a long time. This is my new normal and I know I am so very fortunate to be at this place. I am lucky to have a neurologist who knows about Chiari and works with me to monitor symptoms and has recommended surgery only in the event my symptoms go beyond the point of no return. I know we are all so different in our symptoms and solutions. I feel for so many members who cannot get relief even after surgery. I hope you all find relief and peace in adjusting to your own “normal”.

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It's really nice to hear you have gotten better. :) I believe mindset can make a big difference, and it looks like yours has. Thanks for sharing your positive experience! I hope you continue getting better. :)