Just thought id share

So I know we cant just go around trying everything that's suggested to us but I feel as a survivor of seven years with Chiari headaches, dizzy spells & "brain farts" (just to name a few) I figured I would let you about one thing that truely does reduce the frequency of symptoms. I heard about from a person at church.She chased my down the alley one night after service, I had a headache and just wanted to get going. She insisted that she share with me something that God put on her heart. I listened. Today I'm grateful and she is now an extremely close friend and support system. She told me about 24K, its a supplement but I figured at that point it really couldn't get worse. I tried it, loved it, and wont go without it.
It helps me so much.I still get headaches but not every day and I still get dizzy but its not constant. I still have "da" moments but they are not all the time.
I just thought Id share and check if anyone wanted to see if 24K would help.

Yes, I understand.I was worried about that. I'm not a distributor, I just am grateful for 24 k. Thanks Abby

Thanks for sharing sweet smiles :slight_smile: