Katrina's NL visit *updated*

Visited the NL for Katrina and had a 45 min eeg performed. Talk about frustration - the NL refused to even considered my request for a full spine MRI cause she is not showing any neurological deficit at this time. Due to have some abnormal activity on her left side they want a 12 hour video eeg can't wait for that fun but still refuse the MRI.

So I am researching epilepsy and seeing what I can find out. Anyone have any good sources ior experience to cut some of the searching down?

My granddaughter(age 7) has just been diagnosed as Chiari 1 after an MRI for Panayotopolous syndrome( a type of eplilepsy). We are going to research more and ask for follow up to discuss scan results .MY daughter was told there is nothing to worry about!!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes, Krystyna

i just had an EEG done to see if the "tremors" i am having are tremors, seizures or what....after the 45 minute test was completed i had a tremor and all the tech said was " I think its all muscular since nothing shows on the monitor, " now how would she know if it showed on the monitor? she turned it off before the tremor began (the outward shaking) but i guess other shainking might have showed----- Anyway----- she was NOT helpful at all, I could feel the "shaking" or trembling through out the test, and all she kept telling me to do was relax my jaw (it couldnt be anymore relaxed it was already hanign open--lmao)

so anyway i was told it would take a WEEK before i know the results of that EEG. i am doubtfull this will come back with anything...but i wanted to say that while this test was being done i could actually feel that the left side felt like it was spinning/ shaky or however you want to say it.......

Sorry Michael I can not answer your question

I am kind of curious if this comes back stating nothing what else could be wrong? What could be causing these tremors? could they becoming from the cervical spine, being i do have (or it is said I have cervical stenosis)?