Jolted Neck

I'm not sure what to do.... I got a slight smack in the side of the face which inturn made me jolt my neck to the right to avoid the object 2 weeks ago. (that didn't hurt at all) But it jarred my neck enough to give an instant headache which turned into a migraine within 1 hour. Now I have had on againand off again migraines and making my neck hurt for those 3 weeks. I guess I have about 16 days woth of migraines. I wish I could go and neck adjusted (I know I can't) But that would solve My headeaches TODAY!

It wouldn't hurt to go to your doctor, just to make sure you didn't hurt yourself more than you think.

well on Thursday I went to my PCP....he can do some adjustments (gentle adjustments and no bone cracking) I didn't feeling anything move at all in my neck but He when was done.... I didn't feel the big bump, that i had felt there before. So he did he did something. More important My headache started to ease up. He asked If I wanted a shot to help with the pain and I no that I had to go to work. So he work worked some different pain management meds. for the night at work. Today, I slept most of the day but still had a small headache. We'll see how the nest day will be be. and by the way I the bump back on my neck ( I hope and the bad migraine doesn't come back!). I still taking the other meds he gatold me to take.

WEll it's still there (my headache). I've come to the realization that it might not ever go away. and i'm tired of taking pills. If i get used to the pain then it might not feel so bad. no...I'll my dr on Monday to see what he says. My he can work on neck again. THANKS!!! FOR RELPYING AND FOR LISTENING. MY PRE-OP FOR SURGERY IS ON JUNE 18TH SO IT CAN'T GO ON FOREVER!