Electric type feelings in my head

One of the most frustrating symptoms of my Chiari (8mm herniation) is the feeling I get like I've been shocked. I can be sitting, doing NOTHING,and all of a sudden, a very intense (but quick) jolt goes through the back of my head. Thankfully, it only lasts a few seconds, but it is incredibly painful and scary! Can anybody else relate to this?

Been there done that!!! I had my surgery 7months ago and I still get them but they are no longer painful. With time they are even less frequent. There was a period that they would shoot down my whole body. Such a weird experience. Make sure to stay hydrated and stay on top of the pain. That did help some.

I get this too, not so much now that I have switched from Neurontin to Lyrica. I don't particularly like the Lyrica side effects but, it works. I would get them in my head and shoulders - mostly to the upper body. Now I get these heated lines that move through my head, mostly across the top of my skull moving down to the back of the skull. The doctors gave it a name that started with a P but I don't remember. The meds don't take it away, it only masks the symptoms. When I was weaning off the Neurotin it was a two week taper, and I got them all the time. Sometimes it felt like I could shoot lightning out my fingertips. When it hits your tongue, its like sticking it on a 9V battery. It's not a kids trick when it happens throughout the upper body and head.

I have had these same pains frequently. So far 3 weeks after surgery I haven't had another.

I get these a few times every hour,everyday and I’m 3 months post decompression surgery :confused:

I'm 8 yrs out from the decompression surgery and I still get the jolts. They start in the head and travel down the spine. They're not so bad anymore, but I've had them painful enough to drop me.

This week HAS sucked, and I'm in Portland, OR. I don't envy the pain and difficulties you east-coasters must be having.

Hang in there folks!