I need prayer

I recently had to move in with my daughter and son-in-law and giving up my independence and trying to learn how to live with other people has caused me great stress. Every day I get more anxious. No quiet when I need quiet. No understanding of my Chiari Malformation and the symptoms it causes which have gotten worse since being here. No support. Was even told that I needed to change my ways and act right. The reason I moved in here is because my brain didn’t seem to be working right such as blanking out, almost got into someone else’s car until I noticed it had different color interior than mine, etc. I got scared because no one ever checked on me. Moving in here was a bad decision and now I’m stuck here. I want my place back but it is already rented out and I can’t afford to pay the outrageous rent that is being charged now if you can even find a place. Sorry for not being positive and “rambling on”. So, if there are any prayer warriors out there I need your prayers! I am very depressed and see no solution to this problem. Thank you all in advance.

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