Allow me to pray for you!

I’m still rather new to this forum and have spent some time exploring the site today. I was rather surprised to see that there are no posts under the Prayer Category. I must admit I was a little saddened by this so I decided to start my own topic. First, I would like to begin by saying that I believe in the power of prayer—I am a living example! My family and I practice our faith by following Jesus’s commands: First, love God with all your heart, mind and soul and second, love others—all others, regardless of what they believe or how they live. Second, I would like to tell everyone that comes across this post,that I pray daily for every member and family represented here. All those things said, I would like to offer to pray for anyone here that would like me to. You are welcome to private message your specific requests or simply reply here. I know that the battle faced by many of the members here are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. As a parent of an 11yo Chiari Warrior, I know that prayer is how I keep going and I want to offer that to any of you that are interested.
May God bless each of you and continue to lead us to recovery :purple_heart:


God Bless you! I have also prayed for all the warriors on this page. Thank you for your beliefs and prayers.

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@Leslijof Thank you for your kind words, all that is good in me is a reflection of Him! May God bless you as well and multiple our efforts :purple_heart:

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Angel, Thank you so very much for your kind words!I know I can use as much prayer as I can get.I would also like to commit to praying regularly for everyone on this forum.Please let me know if there’s anything specific I can pray for you about. Patti

Leslijof, Just want you to know that I’m praying with you for everyone here too.Please let me know if there’s anything specific I can pray for you about. Patti