Home from surgery

My surgery went well last thursday in Co with Dr Oro, even got released Sunday morning I was surprised how quickly i felt better.

I was so stressed and hurting so bad the days before i could barely walk and had a fever of 101, really started to worry they would send me home, but a long nap and just watching tv with my husband calmed me down alot, and got me ready for the next morning.

Surgery started at 8:40 first cut at 9:22-ended at 12:38 husband got to see me at 2:30 -Long Day

My biggest problem after surgery was the pain meds. in the icu they were in the iv and made me hallucinate really bad and i would get very upset about stuff that was not there, including my mango i left in the fridge at home took a few nurses to calm me down i was so crazy, after a night in icu i was seeing the nurses as turning colors so they decided to unhook me from that med. they also decided i was low on csf so i was on several fluids to help with that. after getting put in a recovery room they had me on new pain meds which make me extremly sick so after a night of being sick and constant pain we convinved them just to give me tylenol- that day i was walking without a walker and could actually eat :) yay next day i was released by early morning - before my parents had woken up at the hotel!

Now i feel pretty good, glad to be home, i have a few circular cuts around my head from where they held my head in place - they are kinda annoying and itchy. my two incisions have gone down in swelling, my right ear is worse now constant pain since the plane flight home, i think i cried the whole way up i thought it would explode. I was told I have weak veins and its pretty obvious my wrists, hands and anywhere else the can stick an iv is bruised and a little swollen still, they had to move mine at least once a day :(

Im allowed to wash my hair with baby shampoo just not "scrub" the incisions so thats kinda nice,i smell good like a freshly washed baby, lol.

So now i am only taking two asprin twice a day, its so nice -weird though i feel like i should be in pain and laying around. I notice walking on hard surfaces for awhile starts a headache, and when Im cold it hurts to shiver. im alot more tired lately so i take a mid day nap and go to bed early but i dont mind that. even though i feel good im still gonna take it easy for awhile, and hopefully have a good check up in nov.

I saw a lady on my plane with a button that made me smile

"if i have another MRI I'll stick to the fridge"

Ill try and attach a picture of my 29 staples -

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Glad you are home...thanks for the update....keep us posted!!!!!


Wow! I’m so happy you’re doing good enough to get released. I pray for a continued positive recovery and lots of pain-free days ahead! :slight_smile: Hugs…


HOW ARE YOU FEELING????????? Keep us updated ...I had good days and not so good days right after surgery...be sure to rest!!!


I’m glad you are at home and feeling better but continue to rest and don’t over do it!

Wow....congratulations on your surgery. I hope you only continue doing better and better. I just wanted to stop by and tell you congrats. I have yet to have surgery...not even sure I am going to. I have to be seen at the chiari institute in NY due to my neurosurgeon at Duke won't do it. He says he is afraid he will make my problems worse.....see, I have a very large arachnoid cyst on the back of the brain....I had to get a shunt after the first surgery, and then my shunt overdrained for 6 months which caused my brain to sag and for me to develop this chiari. I have an 8(plus)mm chiari. It has been awful living with it. I was diagnosed in '06 with it and it has just gone down hill, really, since.

Anyways, I'll have to see how it all goes, but am very happy for you. I just hope that you have a good experience from yours and that your symptoms get better. I'd love to hear good reports from those that had the surgery so that I can build confidence in scheduling one. Can I ask you....how long did you have yours before you had surgery. Like....how long after you were diagnosed with it before the operation? I have heard that the longer you wait, the less chance of it being able to be fixed. That it could be a surgery for no reason due to the symptoms not being relieved.

Anyways, would love to hear more from you when you feel up to it.

Get better and good luck with your healing process.


I was diagnosed in April 2011, and was refered by a nl here in OK to Dr Oro in CO and saw him in July and scheduled the surgery for there next opening which was sept 1. I started having problems after my son was born in april 09 and it got worse daily seemed like. I didnt really have any second thoughts about surgery because i was starting to loose feeling in my right arm and my headaches were so severe some days i could barely move - which is not good with a 3 and 2 yr old kids. im still feeling better everyday ready to get the staples out on tues, my headaches are SO much better and my balance seems better too, although i have noticed when i turn my head to the right too far i temp loose feeling in my right side mostly my hand and foot. not as bad as before surgery though more numbing and tingly. I had a 13mm herniation and and syrinx, they did "shrink" my cerb tonsils becuase they were so far down. I suppose my push to have the surgery was how much worse i had gotten in jsut two years and i had read that the paralysis could be permanant so once my hand started going numb and i couldnt move my fingers i was more scared of not having comtrol of my hands and arms while driving or something than i was of surgery, i feel diff now, its werid foods taste diff, i feel happier prob cause im not popping pain and muscle relaxers all day i used to not be able to leave the house without them, now i just take one or two asprin when i get up because the incision area is sore from sleeping.

When is your appt in ny? is it at the chiari institue up there?