1st day after surgery

Hi, I just wanted to update everyone. I had my surgery yesterday and everything went as planned. I was in alot of pain when I woke up but they helped me out with that :)

Today has been pretty good, still having alot of pain, the meds they are giving me takes the edge off though. I got up and walked a little and took a shower, which was great! I havent had any headaches and the tingling in my hands and feet is gone so far. I'vehad a little dizziness and nausea that comes and goes, but its not too bad. Overall, I am very happy, I actually thought I would have way more pain than I am having. I will continue to update so that others can see what to expect. Thanks for all the support ya'll have given m.

What wonderful news!

Thanks for the update. Hope your recovery goes smoothly.



I am so happy for you. I am praying for you and sending you positive healing energy. I hope that you have a good night and a better day tomorrow. Thank you for helping us by filling us in on the healing process. Be good to your self follow doctors orders and ask for help when you need it. Can't wait to hear more updates.


thats great i hope that everythings gets better and you feel better soon take it easy and rest don't over do it!

take care


hope ur recovery goes very well.