Good things! :)

Hello, everyone! I'm back from the hospital. I want to thank everyone for wishing me well. :)

The biggest thing on my mind is how MUCH easier these days hae been from what I had imagined. Yeah, I'm on pain meds. Now, that I'm home, the meds aren't as strong as they gave me in the hospital. But I have to say, the worst pain I experienced got me to tears only two times for a short while in the morning before they had given me the morning dose. When I woke up after the anesthesia for the first time, I already felt good and I haven't stopped feeling happiness. The most trouble i had, was with peeing. I spent the first 2 days ii the ICU and they had to put in a urin catheter, because even though I had to pee really bad, I couldn't! That made things so much easier! On the third day they took me to the regular room and my doctor came to help me sit up for the first time. That was hard, gave me a few black episodes, but all in all I've felt so much energy through these days, it's hard to believe it. Of course, I mostly just ate and slept, but still, I felt very strong.

Right after the surgery, they asked me if I had any tingling or weakness, but I didn't have any. :) When my doctor checked me up for the firt time, he checked how strong my grip was and how sensitive my feet were and he looked positively surprised. He said,, the surgery was more difficult than planned, because there were formed some hard(are they called bony?) growths from the skull to the C1, so he had to do the C1 laminectomy also.

Ever since I woke up from the anesthesia, my mind has been feelin so clear! It's amazng. Memory is poor, I'm guessing due to all the tiredness, sleeping and meds.

I'm getting so much help from my family. I couldn't do this alone. My mom took days off from work and came to Riga while I was in the hospital. She and my boyfriend's mom are helping with food. Everything is great! :)

To those having surgery in future- don't be afraid! Find reliable people who will help you post op and set your mind for a lot of good things coming your way!

Hope you have a nice day, Kristine. :)

What to say? What words can express how happy I am for you Kristine? I'm so glad that your surgery has gone well and you're already feeling so good. I hope that you just get better and better as your recovery progresses.

Thank you so much for posting such an uplifting update.

With all best wishes, JulesG


I am delighted to hear that you are doing well. Strength and rest for your recovery and do not push yourself too fast!