Holy WOW! That was FAST!

I’m Going to Wisconsin!!!

So Kim from the Wisconsin Chiari calls this morning and says, “Jennifer we got your records and Dr. Heffez looked over them and you do have chiari and he would like to see you” YAY!!! Then she told me that he wanted to run a couple more tests (another brain MRI, Lumbar MRI, SSEP, and BAER)… I’m sooooo excited! My anniversary is on Sept 10th and we are looking at going the 13th and 14th! Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

Funny thing… last night I was talking with my husband I had asked him if he would be upset if we went on appt’s over our anniversary… (weird huh)

do not get lumber puncture, its dangerous,

im glad your got an appointment, it is exciting,


That is awesome news! I hope they can figure out something out for you. That's funny about your Anniversary. I remember being upset because I was pregnant on our 20th.

Joelene, What is dangerous about a Lumbar puncture? I've been told not to get one by some and to get one by others. I did have one in July to rule out MS, Lyme and Bacterial infections. It was not painful at all and I didn't get a spincal headache. Just wondering what you have been told.


Thanks gals! They are just going to do the SSEP and BAER and another Brain MRI and they were gonna do a lumbar MRI but for some reason my insurance won’t cover that one so I guess we are gonna hold off on it and see what the others say, and maybe possibly see about getting here at home… No lumbar puncture that I know of though!

YAY!!! So happy that you got in so fast!!! :slight_smile: KUP!!!

I’m happy for you!

Thank u ladies!


So happy you got an appt so fast!!!! Good luck and let us know how you are!!!!!

Congrats!!! He did all the same tests on me this week.

I think you will love everyone involved in the process also. They are great!!!

After my 2.5 hours worth of MRI’s I could barely walk because I was in so much pain.

I am sooo glad you are seeing Dr. Heffez. Keep me posted.

I will!

Thanks, Lori and Mindy!


Thank You~

I live in Wisconsin and Dr. Heffez did my surgery. Trust him. You are in good hands my dear!


Only of a couple more weeks til your appt...Is it far from your home????

Thinking of you,


It is far.................. its gonna take us between 9 and 10 hours.. UGH, I just hope my kids behave. THANK the good Lord above for modern technology! We wouldn't be able to survive without our electronics. hehehe

I have NO CLUE how i survived out loooooooooong road trips as a kid.. lol but then again we didn't have to be in carseats or stay buckled either and we had station wagons LOL

We went to Oklahoma last year and it was around 8-9 hrs and we left in the middle of the night so the kids would sleep, ha yeah right, they were up most of the way! so we are planning on leaving early morning between 3am-4am maybe they will sleep then! who knows