Going to Wisconsin Chiari Center this week!

We are heading the WI Chiari Center on Sept 11th.. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing!!! After soooooo many years of being told "I don't see anything Jen" and "there is NOTHING wrong" and "it's just headaches, EVERYONE gets them" It seems too good to be true that someone REALLY believes/understands there is something actually wrong with me! I'm very nervous that I will get there and the doc will say those very things to me.. :-( and then I will be right back where I started...... UGH! Damn doctors how do they have this much control over us?!?!?!?!? Anyways, its a 10 hr drive!!!!!!!!!! YIKES and we are taking our 2 yr old and 5 yr old.. OH Lord I think we are nuts!! hehehehe We are gonna try and make a mini vacation out of it!!!

Tina- How are you feeling?? Maybe we can meet up!(if u are feeling up to it of course) We wanna go to the Cheese Mart and eat and get CHEESE of course!!!

Well I hope Dr. H has some answers..................

I hope and pray that you will get the answers that you need! :slight_smile: And I hope you have an awesome lil mini-vacation too! Please KUP!!!

Travel safe and pray for much needed answers and a plan!!!

I pray you have a good appt and they have a plan to help you get relief. Have a safe trip and I’m confident your girls will be good little travelers. I have 4 girls and we pile in the car every summer to go to Grandmas which is a 900 mile trip so I don’t think you are nuts.

I had the same fears before my Dr Oro appts. I was so nervous that they would say nothing is wrong then I would be back to square one.



I’m praying that you all have a safe trip, and that you get the answers you need.
Love ya and be safe

It was great to meet you and your family today! Thanks for my pillow!

I am sure you will get lots of answers from Dr H. He was really good. Let me know what you find out.


Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you...travel safe today and easier said than done...but...try and relax....I hate when folks tell me to do that!!!

You are in all our thoughts and prayers..keep us posted.



Thank you EVERYONE!~~! We had a great trip!! The drive was longer than we thought it was gonna be. UGH!! Anyways we made it and we had fun while we were there! Got some jelly beans and some cheese!!!

So I Dr H and Dr B want me to try LYRICA for 2 weeks first to see if it helps my headaches.. If it does not he would like to proceed with surgery.. He said " although your herniation is small there is a lot of crowding at the brain stem, it's jam packed in there" The neurologist Dr B thinks I have something called Dysautonomia but they both agree that it may be caused by the chiari.. So here's hoping the LYRICA works! I started taking it last night, and I'm not feeling so well on it so far.. I feel woosey, kinda like I'm drunk or something and really just not well at all.. UGH I hope it goes away.....

We were there last week, we are waiting to get a surgery date,my daughter has a neck brace on for 2 week

Hi…Good luck with the medication…pray it helps…thanks for the update!!!