I may sound crazy but I read on the Symtons list that its somewhat common to get hiccups after drinking carbonated drinks

I woke up this AM with hiccups and they keep coming back about every 1/2 or so. I've tried all the common cures but nothing seems to make them go away for any length of time.

Has anyone experienced this? Just seems odd! ( but I've been called that and worse before- LOL!



I get hiccups almost every day! It happens whether I have carbonated beverages or not. I have also read that it is another possible symptom of Chiari. Prior to my car accident, it was my ONLY symptom of Chiari. I miss those days. Sometimes the old tricks work to get rid of them, but other times…nothing works.


Pastor Kenny...

You are too funny...so, you've been called 'odd' before???LOL

Sorry, I have no experience with hiccups..you know what I mean, only occationally. Just keep in mind that your entire body has to readjust to the new flow of CSF....therefore, you may have some crazy symptoms that come and go while your brain is adjusting...which my NS can take a long time.