Questions About Symptoms of Chiari

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all your information and support over these last couple of weeks its really meant a lot and helped me in a lot of different ways. But I do have questions about the symptoms that go along with the Chiari. Because as of right now the 2 main symptoms that seem to be a recurrence in my every day life is the swallowing issue, which still comes and goes, and also I'm thirsty all the time. From the research I've done and the insight I've received from people here it sounds to me like the swallowing its a pretty severe symptom. I guess my question is do others here go sometimes days without any symptoms and then they start up again? Because that seems to happen to me and I just want to know if others have experienced this as well.

Hope everyone is well, and I appreciate any and all insight anyone can give me here. Take care everyone. -Megan-

When I was first starting to have symptoms I would sometimes go weeks without any problems followed by days of severe headache, dizziness and nausea. After about two years I started to have other issues one being difficulty swallowing. While I don't get weeks at a time where I am not symptomatic anymore I do have days where my symptoms are better than others. The swallowing is better on some days than others. My neurologist said it is common to have symptoms seem to get better only to flair up again.