What are some of the complications you have with Chiari?



Trouble with balance?

Eye problems?

Hearing and ear pain?


Blood Pressure?

Pressure in your head?

I have one to add. Hiccups. Does anyone else get hiccups a lot? I get a short case of hiccups at least once a day - usually but not always, after eating. This has only been the case in the last 6-months or so, so I believe it is related to CM - but not sure. I also have the more common Chiari symptom of having trouble swallowing. Every now and then I take a sip of water (or whatever) and it is as if I have suddenly forgotten how to swallow. I have to consciously think about swallowing and give myself a moment to get it down. It is very strange having my mouth filled with water for 30 seconds while I try to resolve it. One of these days I just know I am going to end up spewing a mouth full of something across the table at someone. Let’s hope, when that day comes, it is at least one of those less than understanding people who deserves it! LOL