Hi all-

hiya all sorry i been MIA for awhile

I been having some issues with the cath tube, head and neck finally got pain management working with me and finally got them to give me some muscle relaxers which really have made the difference, Oh and finally got them to get me off the lyrica WOOHOO :D I am so happpy about that!. The end of the school year came and of course I wouldnt be a good mom if i wouldnt have gone to my youngest sons field day and made a big deal out of him and support him hahaha ( actually i wasnt going to but he was being rude and started acting like a little turkey so my friend and i decided we were going to do posters and t-shirts and we had pompoms and all to support her daugher and my son it was really very cute) but that really started my down hill slide, and then we went back home i dont know if anyone remembers but I am originally from Pa. We drove, which i took many procautions or as many as i could, took eveything i could think of just incase

i would have issues with my head,neck etc...and on our journey wouldnt ya know it a darn deer jumped out and screamed HIT ME HIT ME Please!!! Lol -- stupid animal...darn thing obliterated my front right headlight, 1/4 panel,broke grill, pushed back the battery right into the fuse box broke that, mess- so we had to buy a headlight in PA to rig it up so we wouldnt get a ticket in Pa, then while we were there seeing family and friends- some wing nut too fixed into my liscense plate decided to hit me in the back end-- left me with W T F and thinking ok how in the heck to i wash off this invisible to my eyes target we appeat to carrying around with us...so finish the week out with family and friends,drive on home and by the time we get home i must have been completely stressed out because it took me about 2 weeks before i felt like even being part of any type of life again, all i wanted to do was sleep, was just awful not to mention the cathader hose is still causing me problems in my stomach especially after i eat, Oh and it sure didnt help getting my period as soon as we returned home :( but anyway I am here now...sorry I been MIA

glad to be back and i am glad i am feeling better

now if i can only figure out how i can eat

and not have this cathader hose bother me LOL


Hey Lisa..Glad you are back!!!

Sounds like you had a Very Eventful Trip, to say the least...

Deer are one of my worse fear living up here in Upstate NY..they pop out of nowwhere and I have swerved many a time to get out of their way!!!

As far as your eating..have you seen a nutrionist??? Also, is your cath permanent????

Pls keep us updated on you....thanks for checking in.



wecome back, glad you are feeling better,

im sorry the trip wasnt what it should have been, im not surprised that it was stressful,

but glad you are feeling better,

good question lori,



Glad you are back in action:) Your catheter is from the VP shunt, right? So it is permanently placed there. Have you talked with your surgeon about the pain it is causing? If it bothers you that much and especially after you eat, you should call your surgeon right away and have them run a CT scan or something to see if the end of the cath is irritating a nerve or something. I have a VP Shunt, too, and sometimes have pain in the tubing, but it doesn't last as long as yours has. My shunt is checked yearly by a series of x-rays.

It does sound like you really over did it! Especially with the stress of the accidents with your car. Stress is definitely not our friend and hopefully now that you are home, you can recover fully from your trip. I'm glad that you had fun at your son's event though. Those are the important moments in life. They grow up so fast:)

Take care and keep us posted on how you are feeling and what your surgeon says.


Carla my surgeon is an idiot he set me free...and basically doesnt want to see me ever again and i am just like floating in the wind I am so disgruntled with him...called them and told them about the pain and still havent heard anything from them called and left several messages with them....and Yes the cathader is from the VP shunt and yes Lori it is permanent I am so sick of the shunt already...i wish i could move the cathader myself...Carla the only time i get a shunt series done is if I have to go in with some "ailment" or i need the shunt settings changed.

the last 2 days i been hearing this weird hiss or pop kinda noise when i turn or twist my head a certain way, i thought it was something in my house-but no one else seems to hear it but me,leaving me believeing that its likely something with the shunt too..I dont know I am SO CONFUSED!

Yes stress is not my friend at all I cant believe how long it took me to get back into life- it sure did take alot out of me. gosh! i went from a walk to a thud so a slow crawl hahaha...now slowly returning to life as normal.