Hi everyone! Sorry I have been gone for so long

Hello, I'm baaaacccckkk! lol It has been really really rough on me the past two months. I am 5 months post op and still in alot of pain. The headaches r not as bad, but it is my arms, legs, back, shoulders and neck that are being real pains in the butt.

I go for my 6 month follow up with my NS on June 18th and then I see a pain management specialist on June 20th. My NS will be doing a MRI of my brain and I am hoping a full spinal MRI to see what is going on. I am hoping that this pain management doc can put me in physical therapy to see if that will help at all.

Waiting for a date for a hearing with a judge about my disability being denied. My disability rep said it could be about a year before I get a hearing. That is absolutely ridiculous.

Found out my husband has been cheating. No big surprise there. I had my suspicions and they were confirmed on Friday. He still won't admit it though. Then I get both of his sister-in-laws texting me death threats and calling me some horrible awful names. Saying I am "faking" my illness. Yeah, ok whatever. lol They also were calling my children awful names. My boys are innocent and have nothing to do with the situation. It all started because I sent a text to one of his sister in laws asking how my husband's dad was doing. He is in the hospital and not doing well. Well for some unknown reason they started harrassing me and threatening me.

I am trying soooo hard to recover and MAYBE go back to work but until I can get me and my boys away from him I might as well not even work.

Sorry, kinda went off on a rant there. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and more pain free days. Hugs xxxxxxx