FURIOUS! I am so done with my NL\NS

As most of you know, I have been all over this board lately. I am struggling to keep my head above water while my doctor's twiddle their thumbs. Both my NS and NL are in a local hospital office among many others. I had decompression in December, have been seeing a USELESS NL who treats me like crap and I am so sick of fighting for a normal or semi-normal life!!! My NS is done with me, I get it loud and clear now! She doesn't give a crap what my life is like now. She just wanted another Chiari surgery under her belt to make it look like she knows something. So here's the issue...I sent my NS a message explaining what has been happening and asking for an appointment to check into whether or not it could be structural or have anything to do with the CSF flow. I got a reply.....FROM MY NL> What the h*ll?! He is my biggest problem right now. He is the one who said the Chiari was "never my issue" that it was just migraines. He's the one who said...my NS "meant well." OMG!!! If she only knew that he said those things and that is exactly why I was contacting her and not him. Like I don't have enough to deal with already. Are they trying to make me nuts? No freakin wonder I am struggling with depression. This illness is bad enough then to have these jerks just make it worse. Unbelievable

Oh my peas. I really don't have any advice other than to keep on looking for answers.
Good luck:)

I am ok, really. I had a momnet of furry and needed to vent. I am calling an NS that one of our members has seen and is very fond of. I am hoping that he can see me soon and will take my insurance. Everyone....CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!! Lol. If he doesn't work out, then it is on the Pittsburg I guess. I bit of a drive for me, but if he knows what he's doing, then it's worth it. Thanks for listening.


Thank you!!! I feel the same way. I am done keeping my mouth shut and letting them walk all over me. For goodness sake, I AM THE PATIENT!!! I had that hopital's insurance up until about 2 months ago....when everthing went down hill. I find it funny that they can't seem to help and are treating me like crap now that I have state funded health insurance. Makes me wonder. Is there a place to DISCOURAGE people from going to them for their surgery? Lol, No I wouldn't do that. But if someone asks about my experience....I am going to tell them the truth! No one should have to go through this.

Beeba said:

And ps. I would throw that Nl right under the bus. Send Back a letter to the ns and say oh I am sorry - you must have misunderstood - I contacted you because the Nl said my surgery was completely unnecessary - so I thought I should contact you but since you referred back to him I can only assume you value his medical opinion over your own.


Beeba..you are so right in everything you said..we are the paying customer here, right?? I loved when you told Nicole to through the NL under the bus!!! Great advice....

Feom what I have dealt with, personally....NL's are completely 'out of the loop' as far as CM is concerned...if one has , say, MS or Parkinsons...I am sure NL's can be helpful....even then I am unsure...as of late, my poor mother in law had a mental breakdown from her Parkinsons meds and is now in a mental health hospital getting weaker and weaker!!

Anyway..sorry, I got off track...as for me and my RECENT NL appt...I was referred by my rehab doc to rule out SM..well..the NL was more into making a buck I think....he did an EMG on my ARMS!!! I went there b/c I am having trouble walking!! I know...I should have been bold and said something...but I got intimadated...stupid me....then he had me walk heel to toe and , naturally, I tipped to the left ..he had to gently push me back.

WELL...went back to the rehab doc and he started actually LAUGHING...he said.."Walk heel to toe for me",,I did and off I went to the left....he then told me that the NL report said that my heel to toe was normal and all was well with me!! No need for MRI's!!!

For this appt I am sure my insurance was billed quite heavily..the NL app.

FINALLY..my rehab doc has ordered MRI's and they will be done Sept 4th.

It is so infuriating that I have to worry about these doctors big EGO's!!!!