NS refers me to NL!?! Help! New to this stuff!

Yesterday, was my 1st NS appointment, the ride was awful, the panic attack before I walked in was awful. . Im not sure where to start, I had a fever, which Im not sure why, I havent been sick or feel sick, blood pressure was high, took 3 times to get it. Anyways, the NS came in, started off checking my reflexes, my blurry eye, and then my head. I found out I was born with the malformation and the protrusion was in fact caused by the stomping from my husband back in February, all I can think is WOW, someone who gave me his last name, our daughter, someone who loved me done this to me, anyways, the NS didnt really tell me anything, couldnt explain why my eye is blurry, why my right side of my body has changed since that night, even though it was the side with the most damage, So, he insisted I see a neurologist, then back to see him in November, plus an MRI that day. Why do I need to see a neurologist, shouldnt the neuro surgeon know more about this? Im confused. Enough said, so now this is another waiting game, someone please tell me something, Im irrked, I didnt receive anything to make this situation better, other than I dont have to cut my hair anytime soon, oh and I lost weight, which Im not complaining about! Thanks to husband, Jeremy, I would have never known about this if he didnt do what he done. Advice? Something?

Hi April,

Your husband had no right to hurt you. I am going to share something with you that only two other people know on this forum. I was attacked by a family friend Friday a week ago. He is being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope your husband is also.I am in tears for us both.

The reason the Neurosurgeon is sending you to a Neurologist is because you may have neurological issues that the Neurologist needs to treat long term. A Neurosurgeon only treats a patient for surgical issues.

Do you have anyone to talk to about your attack? Stress is very bad for a Chiarian. I have been very sick, I even have shingles from the stress. Please know you can message me anytime. Everyone here is wonderful and will help you anyway we possibly can.

Please, Please let us know how you are doing,

Tracy Z.

Hmm? I do not have answers for you, sorry! But if he is planning to see you again in November I am guessing he has a plan in place, I just wish he would have shared that with you! Possibly like TracyZ said, he is wanting to treat some other neurological issues first before treating the malformation.

I truly hope you make this recovery soon emotional! The stress of all your going through is very hard on your noggin!

I'm so sorry for what you've been through.

I'd say the NS wants you to see a NL to rule out other issues that could cause your symptoms. Surgery is pretty major so I'd say the NS wants to be 100% sure before taking you down that road.

To be honest, Im not sure why my doctor sent me to the NS first, but its a start I guess, my symptoms are blurred vision, numbness in my right elbow only (freaky), off balance, no sleep, can pee ups to 4 times in an hour (not sure if thats from this or not, still weird), and jaw pain, Im still in denail from all this, I dont wanna believe it, Ive never had any type of problems up until now. No, I do not have anyone to talk to about what Jeremy done, no they didnt prosecute him, they let him outta jail 2 hours after we had court, I stay away from him, I make arrangements for him to see his daughter, he wont dare touch her, but he doesnt make the effort, so one thing to worry about. The NS said pretty much the same, see a NL for the other problems, but its Chiari for sure, then back to him, something tells me to give up, dont go, I lived 26 years without knowing, I can keep doing it, BUT I have 2 kids. I have my days to where I stay to myself, which is NOT like me at all, I rather sleep than to deal with anything, the idiot wont sign divorce papers and I cant afford to hire another lawyer, since I quit my job due to all the problems Im now having. I surely hope the NS wants to be 100% sure on what he wants to do or not to do, considering he doesnt look a day over 30, sorry couldnt help but to say it, HA! As for the reoccurring fever, hmm, Im not sure, the high blood pressure, my bottom number is always high. All I can do now is wait. Sorry if I skipped from subject to subject, its alot to take in on top of everything else.

Hi April,

First of all, you are not still living with your husband are you? Are you in a safe environment? Second, most neurosurgeons will not continue to see you or treat you if they are not recommending surgery. Make an appt with a neurologist and see what their recommendations are. My neurosurgeon released me as soon as he had done everything he could for me surgically. I do see a neurologist now about every 3 months. She helps me with pain and follows up with an MRI at least once a year. Can you take an MRI and any other medical records to a neurologist for a consultation. That is where I would start :)


No, I do not live with him, hes now in a different county than me, we have restraining orders against each other. The NS did referred me to a neurologist, Im just waiting on that office to call with the appointment, then I go back the NS in November. . Crazy, crazy! The NS has the MRI disk, I guess theyre gonna send it to the NL, but between now and November, I will have to have 2 MRIs, they havent done one to check the fluid flow, kinda confused as to why the NS didnt order it. . its a waiting game now with a lot of future driving :| Oh God, so if the NS wants to see me again after the NL appointment, that doesnt automatically mean surgery right, I sure hope not. Scary.

Not necessarily. The Neurosurgeon might just want to tell you what your MRI's have shown. Please try and be positive. I know you are dealing with a lot. I would talk to the Neurologist and then follow up with the Neurosurgeon. I am sure they will discuss all your options. Hopefully you won't need surgery. Neurosurgeons won't preform Chiari surgery unless they are absoleutly sure that's what is needed.