Why do people see a Nueorlogist?

if your main dr diax you with chiari you need a Neurosurgeon not a neurologist just trying to save yall some money . As far as treating your own family dr can prescribe your meds... almost all Neurologist dont know a thing about Chiari . They are the ones that do testing like nerve test etc. And the reason why your family dr sends you there is cause he doesnt know what to do either... Just remember that ..

If you found a NL that knows about chiari you are lucky but remember your family doctor can prescribe your meds ..

When I was first diagnosed, my doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon. I had never seen a neurologist until my NS referred me to one when I was having heightend issues with the numbness and tingling. The NS checked me out and everthing and saw no change in my CM/SM so he sent me to the NL. But I do agree with you. My NS has seen me since 2003 and is the one following my Chiari.

My primary doc sent me to a NL and he quickly labeled my Chiari I as incidental. I am searching for a NL because I’m afraid that a NS will quickly want to do surgery. I sent all my files to a friend of a friend that is a prominent NS that has experience with Chiari patients. We’ll see!

I was sent to a nl for my headaches, she hated me and pretty much said the heachaches were from taking too much advil and excedrin. I requested an appointment with another nl in the same clinic, because I hated her, and he reviewed my mri from 6 months before and he found the Chiari and referred me to the ns. So without my nl I probably still wouldn't have a diagnosis.

I cannot say that I agree with that. Chiari effects everyone differently and a Nl may be able to help. Surgery is not anything to take lightly, and some want to try other methods of treating the condition. Personally, my NL wasn't able to help me (not for lack of trying) and he referred me to a NS. I had surgery 5 months ago and am feeling great. However, I still have tingling on my face from time to time and my NS suggested that I go back to the NL to control the sensation on my face. You are right, a GP could prescribe you medicine, but they aren't a specialist. Fortunate for me, my NL knew about Chiari.

I saw my NS today, and he is responsible for surgery only. He said I should see my regular DR or Neurologist for pain. Luckily with my insurance we have a neurologist that specializes in headaches. His name is Brian Boyd, in Orange. I've seen him once a long time ago, and he is awesome. He is a very smart man, and he really tries to keep you from having pain. He said he could give me some injections in my neck and head that would help the pain, I'm going to see him next month. Pain management is key, I am very scared to have surgery. Elective brain surgery, I don't think so.

I think it may also have to do with the NL and the NS themselves. As we all know not all of them are as familiar with Chiari as we'd hoped. Personally for me my NS is who I go to. He only sent me to the NL because he had checked out everything and couldn't find that the Chiari was heightening my problems. When I went to the NL he did all sorts of testing and found nothing that could be causing any additional problems. So we looked at the topamax I had just started and changed up how I took it for awhile. Which helped. The side effects were messing with me.

In other cases as a lot of you have unfortunately gone through it seems like the NS just wants to "surgery will solve it" sort of thing. I was lucky with my NS he suggested me to go get a 2nd and 3rd opinion until I was comfortable and it was entirely my decision.

I also only saw the NL once. The Chiari wasn't our main focus. It was the numbness and tingling that I had the most issues with and we were working on figuring out what else could make them go out of whack from my 'normal' numbness/tingling. My NS checked me out on the Chiari side. I can't really judge anything from the NL standpoint as I haven't been to him for anything else.

Each person's Chiari is different as well as the doctors we see. It's hard.