Madder than HELL!

So I went in for my 6mo post op appt. I met with My NS' PA. I didn't mind because I didn't have anything important to discuss with him. He told me that there was no reason that I should be taking any more pain meds including headache meds. I nicely reminded him that the decompression surgery was not a cure, but a treatment. I guess that upset him and he told me that I had no clue what I was talking about. I also told him that I had a herniated disc in my back that was also causing pain. I only needed 1 pain pill a day at most, so I didn't think it was a big deal. I also let him know I was still getting headaches that tylenol and motrin don't touch. He looked at my MRI results and said that my back issues shouldn't be causing pain and that he wouldn't do surgery until I had lost about 50lbs. He also told me that back surgery is way worse that chiari surgery and that I do not want to have it. That is where I lost it! How the hell does he know what the chiari surgery feels like? He doesn't even know what back surgery feels like. He has had neither, so what makes him think he can tell he what I do and don't want?? I just looked at him and said I do not want surgery, but I do have bad days that require medical interventions such as pain medication. He told me to talk to my family doctor and that I didn't need to return for 2 years. I turned around and left. I am so mad. He had no right making me feel like the way he did. I think I am going to find a new doctor. I will not see this PA ever again and I don't think my NS sees patients much just for follow up appts.

Ok Vent Over!!!

Sorry to hear that. I had hoped it was a regional thing. There are many neurologists and NS (and their PAs) like this in Albuquerque, NM. Competent doctors (usually), but really lousy people skills.It's like they spent so much time studying that they can't see us as people anymore, just specimens to be disected. Your GP or PCP will be able to handle your prescription needs, and very likely won't argue with you at all. (My GP admitted that she had little to no knowledge of rare neurological orders and just went with my recommendations.)

Though he went about it in a dismissive and disrespectful matter, he was right about one thing: the spine surgeries after getting decompressed ARE much worse. Would much rather get another zipper on my neck than have them go back in any lower than cervical.

Wow.....I wouldn't have stopped where you did. I would have demanded to see the NS right then & would in front of the PA explain his ignorance on Chiari Malformations and all our post op symptoms. I really dislike uneducated medical providers that try & make us feel like we don't know what we are talking about & what we should & shouldn't feel. I am really sorry Michelle. I am sure you left with a headache. When I hear stories like this my blood pressure jumps. You will think I am crazy when I say this......but.....this made me think of Kermit the Frogs song.....It's hard being Green. It hard being a Chiarian. I just wish we could catch a break. Short of committing a crime I don't know how to make CM a media event.

***Let me say this is a joke ***We could always go and hold NS's hostage and call all the News Networks until they have to listen about CM's****No one do this**** I am just joking**** It just frustrates me very badly !!!

I understand what saying I've had 27yrs.of this same kind of attitude.It seems no one in the medical community knows what these symptoms mean. When I started investigating for my self at least ten yrs. ago I started to see that this matched my complaints.Neuros.have to know when a patient tells them about the symptoms that they could have chiari it is treated as if it's not even to be concidered.I did have lots of MRI's and tests adding to my ordeal the cost and no answers.The problem is the pride of our ps in my area which has cost me alot. there has been a specialist in this area for 15yrs.!! he is a pioneer in this field even though he has faced a lot of scrutiny which it seems it is because he is ahead of his time and misunderstood,even with that said it is still my place to make those decisions.It makes me furious when no one told me about him. I would have liked the opportunity to look into him myself for the last 4yrs.I have ask if there was anyone but the other drs.had to have known about this specislist but would not tell me it's unbelievable!!

So sorry to hear about your appointment. It is so unfair that we go through so much and still have our issues minimized!


So sorry that the NS didn't see it fit to handle your appt...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how that just grabs me....they have the GOD complex..IMHO..

I , however was very lucky...I did see the NS for my post op...but he is a man of few words after his 'job' is done.....SO...thankfully the PA came in and he had always been my 'go to person'...Mike told it the way it was and ALWAYS returned my calls in a reasonable amount of time...He even told me all about the in's and out's out each of my surgeries...gave me the time....even once I moved 6hrs way, I could call the PA, Mike and he would guide me.. hope you are seated....Just called Mike a couple of weeks ago.....could not talk....HE IS IN FEDERAL PRISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy MOLY.....took kick-backs...anyway.....this is the 2nd "Professional ' that I had hired that ended up behind bars!!! 1st my MIke...Still would trust Mike with med issues....he just got caught up with the love of the a new one!!!!


I guess my PA found it hard to make ends meet on his salary of 130K back in 2010!!! Hw should have come to me, I know how to stretch a buck!!!


Thanks everyone for the kind words. I have found a specialist about an hour away for here. i will be transferring my care to him from now on. I did meet with my PCP and he was great. He took the time to study up best her could on Chiari before my appt. He agreed that I am not being a drug seeker because I still feel the need to take a pain pill a day. He was actually excited that I was doing so well. He also ran a bunch of tests on me and added some other meds to the mix to help me get back on track mentally and physically. I really do love that man!!! So I am just going to let what the PA did to me just roll off my shoulder. I am not going to let him pull me down.

As for everyone else I sure hope you can find good docs to take care of you and your needs. Thanks again!