Heat sensation

is getting like a heat sensation kind of tingly a lil itchy but not itchy on the outside itchy on the inside feeling a part of chiari?? I get it from time to time it’s like all over my head feels like it’s radiating from my neck to the top of my head and right ear.

What aggravates this feeling?

What are some ways to relieve it?

All last night I thought am I going crazy, what is this? Glad to know its nerve related. No I don’t have thyroid problems…not that I’m aware of. Thank you for the website.

The pituitary gland article was very interesting. I’m going to have to look into it, thank you so much for the information

Prior to surgery I would get places that would get really hot for no reason or tingly. They cleared up with surgery and now I rarely if ever have those sensations so I do think they are Chiari related!

I get that. Feels like something crawling on me at times. Other times itchy, tingling in face, eye starts twitching. Haven’t found any relief. If you do let me know

I would use braggs acv in a cup of warm water with honey. I use to think it was a skin issue. I asked my neurologist about it and she said it’s nerve related.

In the past with my migraines, I would experience a heat sensation in my head. Today I am getting some intense heat type sensations in my head that are more intense than I have had in the past. I have a tingly sensation too in that part of my head almost like you get when you use a menthol rub. It's just my head though and not any other areas of my body.

I get the same thing, but mine is a cold sensation.. On the right side of my head, and inside my ear.. It's irritating..

Some days its worse than others.. Will happen about every 4-6 mintues.. Just started about a week ago.

Hi Larissa

Yes when my head hurts it actually radiates heat. For a long time I believed only i could feel it and as the sensation in my hands is not great, doubted myself. But I asked my my daughter and husband on separate occasions, does my head feel hot to you? and it did extremely. Also while my hands and feet are freezing. Also yes it radiates into my ears, very painful.

Having said that Iv been told my Chiari is nothing to do with it. Dont think NL believed me or cared. Im inthe process of pushing for a referral to specialist.

Good Luck, let me know how you are doing