Got a call yesterday and my surgery got bumped

Very frustrating!!! I was all ready for surgery Monday Nov 14 but I got a call that the doctor has an emergency. I got bumped to Nov 22 so now I’ll be in the hospital for thanksgiving. Now I will only have help for 2 weeks instead of 3 because the people coming to help me can’t change their time off :-(.

Awe I am so sorry, well that just stinks hopefully you wont need the help after 2 weeks and if you do you can find someone local to help you out.

mindy..that stinks!

keep your chin up.....easier said than done...i

keep us posted.



Hers had already been moved to Dec 6

razzle51 said:

do you think Bobbi will be too

I want it done ASAP. Dr M is not taking a day off so he can do my surgery.

razzle51 said:

you dont have to take the surgery of thanksgiving week you can ask for another date…


Your new surgery date is the same as mine. I guess we will both be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. My birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, so I'll be in there for that as well. I'm so sorry that you won't have as much as help now. That is SO frustrating. I hope and pray that you will be ready to be by yourself so soon.

You and your support people will be in my prayers for your frustration, and now changed time frames! I hope everything works out. Keep me posted on your recovery. HANG IN THERE!!