You all know that I carry pictures and the Conquer Chiari educational page along in my purse to better educate people about Chiari, and showed it to this person, and she said to me, "But you look so normal, and you don't act sick, and you look like nothing is wrong". Can someone please tell me what is normal about Chiari? Does the sheet not tell the story about Chiari? Really!!!!!!!!!!! I found it so funny, that I said to her, well, I may look normal, but my MRI says otherwise and some days are much worse for me! Just had to share this funny with you all.

We CHIARIANS HAVE TOO MUCH BRAIN TO CONTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wish it was that light-hearted!!!! we all go through our own private, lonely hell. thank you all, everyone one of you for being here for me!!!!!!

God Bless you!!!