What only a Chiarian would understand

Since my diagnosis last week I have been having to explain my diagnosis, and the new book holders that accompany me to class. A student in my class saw me carrying a pillow into my office....had to explain why I had to take naps. Often times the look on their face when I explain is one of disbelief, horror or pure sympathy....but they even admit most of the time they have no idea what I am going through. They also say something like "Wow, that's awful...I feel for you..." I have friends who offer to go out to bars (they forget I can't drink, it makes my heaches worse) or want to go to dinner late in the evening (when I am exhausted). If only they did understand....but I wouldn't wish this on anyone...

Which is why is why I am SO grateful for all the wonderful discussion on here. For one part of my day when I want to discuss my Chiari, I can talk to people who really understand, that I can ask questions of advice to, and share in our pains, successes, and challenges in life. For each of you I am grateful. Thanks for the support! This has been a blessing for me this past week!

Thanks for sharing Abby!! Great resources! God bless!!

I think I can speak for most of us here, when I say that we feel the same way! Thanks for sharing :) It is a wonderful site and all of you have become great friends. The support means so much when going through this.

Take Care!


Hi Buckeyeschick......

Abby is the best..she is my go to person for info..happy she posted the attachments.

You are a blessing to us!!! I am happy you found us and we are here for you~



Thanks Lori and Nicole!!

This is the support I so appreciate!! Know that I'm here for you also!!

This website and all the friendship/support makes my day!